Trevor Mooney Football

As a former Washington State University football representative, tight-end coach, summer football camp instructor, and Cougar football team coaching staff member, Trevor Mooney commits to motivating and instructing youth football players. He utilizes a number of strategies for effective and efficient coaching. Here are some helpful suggestions for coaching young football players and inspiring athletic excellence.

1. Motivate on both a team and personal level. By doing this, you inspire teamwork as well as individual success. If your coaching methods are too heavily focused on one or the other, you risk alienating certain players or creating a sense of competition within the team, which can be detrimental to the team as a whole.

2. Be sincere and lend positive encouragement whenever possible. Players most often respond to feedback that inspires them to do well, so make sure to recognize individuals that make the extra effort.

3. Keep a routine of warm-ups and practice drills. Blocking skills, passing and receiving, as well as set-ups and drives are essential skills for every football player to practice.

4. Create a set list of plays for your team to know and go over on a regular basis. Construct these plays for various opponent levels and playing conditions to ensure a well-rounded playbook.